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If you found this page accidentally and don't know what extraxi is about... we specialise in reporting solutions for the Cisco Secure ACS and Funk SBR access control servers (aka AAA servers).

The servers are predominantly used to secure network services such as dial, wireless lan, vpn, firewall and network device management.

Typically these servers just chuck out MBs of raw CSV log data about network activity. What we do is to help collect this data then import and turn it into useable information.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

ACS v4.1(4) Compatibility Issue

If you have recently upgraded to ACS v4.1(4) there is a compatibility issue when importing the ACS database into aaa-reports! due to file format changes inside the cab and dump files.

We've posted a fixed build (15th Jan) onto the download site for the .cab file issue and are working on the dump file import now.

If you experience the error "database contains no groups or users" when importing the database you need this patch. The patched aaa-reports! version is "FE 2.2342" (click help/about to check)